23 years ago, I was terminated from my first job. It was traumatic to hear the words, “this is not working out, so we have to let you go.” As if being terminated was not bad enough, I was also in the final trimester of a tough pregnancy. My husband and I were in our first year of marriage. Two young people trying to make a life together as we shifted from a two-income household to one income.

That termination never sat well with me. I always wondered if what they did to me was legal or could they have…

Understanding mental health in the workplace is essential, as it affects every area of the employees’ life and makes it hard for them to maintain concentration. This definitely harms the employees’ productivity! We can no longer ignore mental health in the workplace; we cannot pretend that it doesn’t exist, even within HR.

The annual loss of productivity due to poor mental health in the workplace costs the UK between 78 to 99 billion, and in the US, the annual cost of stress-related workplace issues is about 100 billion US dollars. …

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We have all heard that self-care is the best care but how many of us actually do it? As we continue to deal with this pandemic and helping our businesses thrive in 2021, self-care will be absolutely paramount for HR Professionals.

We are at the front line in our organization’s efforts to survive, and last year we spent countless hours trying to figure out what came next once it was determined that COVID-19 was not going away any time soon. We were at the front when we were being asked if our company would say anything about the injustices carried…

Julie Turney

I am an HR for HR Coach, supporting the people who supporting the people is my passion. Mother of 3, host of The HR Sound Off Podcast Show and HR Disrupter.

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