Where Is The HR For HR?

  • Terminating someone that you know did not deserve to be released.
  • A leader was belittling you in front of a group of your peers.
  • The process you go through with employees and family members when an employee dies in service.
  • Supporting an employee through a sexual harassment case.
  • Supporting an employee with mental health issues.
  • Supporting an employee experiencing domestic violence.
  • Holding company secrets and shame that you know will devastate others in the workplace.
  1. Have a brave conversation with your leadership to let them know that you need help. Asking for help is a significant first step to healing. You cannot do it all, and you shouldn’t have to.
  2. Find creative ways to share your load. Is there someone on the Admin team looking for an opportunity to cross-train in HR? Give them some tasks that are not confidential to work on and see how they handle them.
  3. Hire a coach — Find an HRforHR coach (they do exist). A Coach with HR experience can empathize and connect with you in the way you need and can provide practical advice to help you through difficult situations. Simultaneously, providing clarity and helping you set clear goals for your personal and professional development.
  4. Find your #hrtribe — The people in your tribe may include groups or communities where you can find resources and a safe place to learn in. Communities such as CaribHR Forum, Hacking HR, and HR Girlfriends are a great place to start.
  5. Get educated on your mental health and learn how to detect it early in others so that you can direct them to safe spaces. Places such as Mental Health First Aid can support you in this process.



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Julie Turney

Julie Turney

As an HRforHR Coach, I help HR professionals to build their resilience agility and find their HR Voice. I am an Author, Public Speaker and Podcast Host.